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Power of Connection
2nd Jul 2024, 19:00      
3 hours
Hout Bay - Western Cape (South Africa)
Discover the Power of Connection: An Intimacy and Sensuality Workshop

Date: July 2
Time: 7 -10 pm, R490
Location: Amani House, Hout Bay, Cape Town


Deepen Your Connection and Awaken Your Sensuality

Are you ready to transform your relationships and experience a deeper connection? Join us for an enriching workshop that explores the profound impact of intimacy and sensuality. Through this xperience, you'll learn to connect on a deeper level through your eyes, bodies, breath, touch, and movement.

What You'll Experience:

* Eye Gazing: Discover the power of non-verbal communication and emotional connection.
* Body Awareness: Enhance your understanding of body language and physical connection.
* Breathwork: Learn techniques to synchronize your breath, creating harmony and presence.
* Touch and Movement: Explore the healing and bonding power of touch and intuitive movement.

Workshop Highlights:

* Experience Connection and Intimacy: Transform your relationships and enhance your pleasure.
* Embrace Sensuality: Reconnect with your natural state and let your sexual energy arise from within.
* Feel the Energy: Through touch, movement, and breath practices, feel the sensation and energy in your body and heart.
* Inclusive Environment: Open to singles and couples of all orientations.
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