Event Details
May the Fourth
4th May 2024, 20:00  Expired      
6 hours
Montague Gardens - Western Cape (South Africa)
A kinky Star Wars play event - Attention, intergalactic adventurers and Jedi Masters of kink! Join us in a galaxy far, far away (or right here on Earth) for a night of cosmic pleasure and galactic exploration at our Star Wars themed BDSM play party on May the Fourth.

Dress up as your favorite Star Wars character, whether you're drawn to the dark side or stand firmly with the Rebellion. Dust off those lightsabers, blasters, and other props to enhance the atmosphere and add a playful twist to your adventures.

Our fully equipped play space including St Andrew's Crosses, Restraint Table, Spanking Bench, Massage Tables, cuddle puddle and of course the Dome will be available to play throughout the party. Explore your desires in a safe, inclusive, and consensual environment surrounded by like-minded souls.

Come prepared to share your love for the Star Wars universe! Whether you're passionate about the original trilogy, captivated by the prequels, or have a soft spot for the latest sequels, let's geek out together. So, grab your lightsaber, don your Jedi robes or Sith armor, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through the Star Wars universe where fantasy and kink collide.

May the Fourth be with you!
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