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Art Of You
20th Apr 2024, 09:00  Expired      
All day
Cape Town - Western Cape (South Africa)
Art Of You - Boudoir Sessions


Art boudoir is a style of photography that draws on classical portraiture and nude photographic traditions and considers the body as simultaneously a still life to be documented and a dynamic vestle of personality.

Art boudoir explores the body as a sculpture or landscape, embracing texture and form, often resulting in abstract or semi abstract images that emphasize movement, stillness or unusual perspectives.

Art boudoir also draws on the long history of portraiture which seeks to capture something of the essence of the sitter, to immortalise a fleeting moment of emotion, be it power, vulnerability or humour.

Images in this realm range from playful to poetic and are an intimate collaboration between photographer and muse, who journey together to explore the universal within the unique and celebrate the magic and transience of our earthly bodies.
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