Event Details
Shibari Workshop
13th Apr 2024, 10:00  Expired      
6 hours
Salt River - Western Cape (South Africa)
Shibari Workshop Cape Town: Everything Tengu | April 2024

The Tengu tie is one of the iconic ties in Shibari. Getting its name from the winged mythical creature in Japanese folklore, the Tengu is an upper-body harness that binds the arms bent at the elbow tightly back and to the sides of the body.

Why should you tie the Tengu harness? Many upper-body harnesses can give you a headstart to your more advanced tying journey, but some are more intricate or demanding than others. We offer the Tengu as a means to give you an upper-body harness in your toolbox which you can practice with confidence, alongside instructors who can help you trouble-shoot in person. Why do we recommend it for beginners?
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