Event Details
Kinky Art Creation Day
16th Mar 2024, 09:30  Expired      
4 hours
Montague Gardens - Western Cape (South Africa)
Inviting artists to hang out at Casa Kink in Montague Gardens and create.

Casa Kink will be hosting a Kinky Art exhibition on Saturday 27th April 2024. We are inviting all artists to reach out to us if you are keen to exhibit your work. We welcome all art forms that have either been created by a kinkster, and all kinky art. We have already had contact from photographers, painters, sketchers and those working in mixed media. In addition we plan to have live art at the exhibition, this could range from a shibari tie, to a flogging, to live sex or sketching a live model. If you have ideas to contribute to the event, please have a chat to us, we are very keen to co-create and collaborate. Reach out to Nita on WhatsApp at 0793969012.
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