Event Details
Kink Munch March
13th Mar 2024, 19:00  Expired      
3 hours
Montague Gardens - Western Cape (South Africa)
Curious About Kink Munch March

Casa Kink will be holding a Newbies Much in Montague Gardens on Wednesday 13 March 2024. We aim to hold Newbies munches monthly to provide people who are newer to the kink scene an opportunity to see the venue, meet some of the folk who have been around a while, other newbies and the event hosts.

This is a very informal munch which will provide a great opportunity to chat with a cross-section of the Cape Town kink scene as well as get a look around our venue. For those of you that plan to attend a party this will help you have a few familiar faces when you arrive at the party and know your way around.
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