A hedonist values sensual pleasure above all else. Hedonist comes from the Greek word hedone 'pleasure' and is related to hedys, which means 'sweet.' Although this noun did not make its first appearance until 1822, the word was created as a reference to an ancient Greek philosophical system known as the Cyrenaic school. The Cyrenaics taught that pleasure - particularly physical pleasure - is the greatest good. If you need some examples of modern day hedonists, think the many celebrities today who are only famous for going to parties. So if you like uninhibited fun, enjoy pleasure, and want to live a life less ordinary then you are a Hedonist.
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Newbies Munch
31st Jan 2023, 19:30  Expired      
3 hours
Infinity Club
Durbanville - Western Cape (South Africa)
Newbies Munch AKA Meet and Greet

We have a few free tickets available please contact Daskya should you want a free ticket.

Infinity will be hosting our Swingers Welcome 2023 on Saturday 4 February and as such to ensure that the newbies who attend this party are as prepared as possible for their first swingers event we will be hosting a Newbies gathering.

These munches or meet and greets are a great opportunity for some of the newer folk to come along and meet with some of the members of the scene who have been around, as well as the hosts of the party. And if you are wondering a Munch is an informal gathering of kinksters in a vanilla setting, in this case a private space in a public bar.

This next Infinity Newbies Munch will take place on Tuesday 31st January 2023 between 19.30 and 22.30. This munch will be hosted in collobaration with Casa Kink.

During this munch we will talk about expected etiquette at a play party and provide you with some idea of what to expect at the party as well as some guidelines on safe play on the night. But please come ready to have an open conversation, raise any questions you have and relax and enjoy meeting some like-minded people. Space is prioritised for newer folk, but we welcome people who have been around to please join us and share what they know.

Drinks and anything you eat is for your own tab. We hope open conversation gets people thinking out the box safely. This is a very informal gathering so please come ready to have an open conversation, raise any questions you have and relax and enjoy meeting some like-minded people.

Please Note:

Infinity and Casa Kink provide a safe space, both physically and emotionally, we are inclusive of all identities. We require all attendees at all events to respect personal space. Please treat people's personal boundaries around physical contact and conversation with respect. When in doubt assume that there is no consent. Do not initiate inappropriate conversation without consent. Silence is not consent. Avoiding or seeming uncomfortable means there is no consent. Enthusiastic consent is what should be aimed for and consent can be withdrawn at any time without the need for explanation.

We will have Consent Monitors in attendance, they will be introduced at the start of the event and will be wearing pink armbands. If at any point you feel uncomfortable with anything, please approach a Consent Monitor and report this.


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